Sewerage & Sanitation

Aizawl has no sewerage system at present. Sewage commonly flows in the open drains and groundwater pollution from sewage is common. About 90% of households have toilets, and most of these are either bucket or cistern flush. However, as many as 5-10% of households depend upon pit latrines or open places for their toilet needs. Pigs and other livestock, abattoirs and hospitals also generate substantial high strength organic waste. About 80% of households have septic tanks. It is common for kitchen and wash water to be disposed in surface drains, while toilet wastes are treated in septic tanks and then discharged either through soak pits or to the nearest drain. Ever increasing population and increased water supply is boosting wastewater generation. Surface drains are carrying polluted water even during wet season. Some quantity of polluted water is joining Tlawng River at locations u/s of pick up point for city’s water supply. Because of the type of soil and steep terrain, sewage disposed through septic tanks and soak pits is often found emerging in the precincts of households in lower reaches causing serious health hazards.