The 1ST MFF/Tranch-1/Project-1:

The 1st Tranch/Project-I consists of water supply sub-project and recruitment of Design, Supervision and Management Consultants only.

      • Recruitment of Design, Supervision and Management Consultants (DSMC)- Completed and demobilised in April, 2016 after completion their contract
      • Replacement of 7-Nos. of old PS Tanks into RCC Zonal Tanks- Completed in June, 2012
      • Providing 2-Electro Chlorinators for water quality improvements- Installed.
      • Providing additional 15,000 Domestic Water Meters- completed for volumetric charges

The 2nd MFF/Tranch-2/Project2-

The 2nd Tranch/Project-2 consists of 3-Sub-project on (i) water supply, (ii) sewerage & sanitation, (iii) Solid Waste Resource Management for Aizawl City and recruitment of Institutional Development Consultants (IDC)

      • Water Supply:
      • Booster Pumps -2 each at Tlangnuam and Chanmari Booster Pumping Station- Completed.
      • 3-New RCC Water reservoirs at Tanhril (350 kL), S Hlimen (400 kL) and Mualpui (750 kL) – Completed.
      • Bulk -85 and domestic water meter 20,000 – Completed 20,000 Nos. Of domestic water meters and 55 Nos. of flow meters. 98% completed and in progress.
      • Feeder Mains (WS) and Water distribution-107.55 km – 47.20% completed (43.93 kM laid) and in progress.
      • 132 kV Dedicated Power Supply for Greater Aizawl WSS Phase-I & Phase-II-34.01% completed and in progress.
      • Sewerage & Sanitation:
      • 5-Nos. Cesspool Cleaners – Completed and in operation through AMC.
      • 10-Community toilet blocks- Completed at Zemabawk, Thakthing Bazaar, Bawngkawn Bazaar, Bethlehem Vengthlang, Zarkawt, New Market, Thuampui (AMC), College Veng, Dawrpui and Kulikawn.
      • Providing, laying, jointing & commissioning of Sewerage Network (SEW)-45.92 Km- 14.5% completed (4.95 kM) and in progress.
      • Site/Land Development & Approach Road to STP- 94.20% completed and in progress.
      • 10 MLD Construction of Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP)- 76.67% completed and is in progress.
      • Solid Waste Resource Management:
      • Procurement of 1, 32,200 Nos. -Dustbins for segregation of waste into Non-bio degradable and Bio-degradable- 100% Completed and awareness program in progress.

The 3rd MFF/Tranch-3/Project3:

The 3rd Tranch/Project-3 consists of 3-Sub-projects on (i) water supply, (ii) sewerage & sanitation and recruitment of new DSMC.

      • Water Supply:
      • Feeder mains & distribution networks (255.88 kM) – Contract awarded in Jan, 2016. Work in progress.
      • 9-New RCC Water reservoirs with allied works and rain water harvesting tanks at various places – Contract awarded in February, 2016. Works in progress.
      • 37-MLD water supply augmentation and construction of treatment plant- Financial bid evaluation in progress.
      • Preparation of Water Management Plan for Aizawl City including SCADA installation- Bid yet to be invited.
      • Sewerage & Sanitation:
      • Procurement of Bio-digesters- Technical bid evaluation completed.
      • Procurement of Package Aerated WTP (Johkasou Technology) – Bid yet to be invited.
      • Procurement of SWS for Septage Management- Bid yet to be invited.
      • Solid Waste Resource Management:
        • Procurement of 54 Nos. Vehicle fleets for transportation of wastes- Technical bid evaluation completed.
        • Sanitary Landfill development & closure of existing dumping site and Vermi-Composting Plant & Resource Management Centre at Tuirial- Contract Awarded in July, 2016 and is in progress.
        • Procurement of Wheel Barrows- Not yet due for procurement.
        • Procurement of protection materials- Not yet due for procurement.
      • Recruitment of new DSMC– Completed and DSMC mobilized from April, 2016.