On the basis of situation analysis, assessment and lesson learned on Implementation of Projects in India by experts, dedicated Project Managemen Implementation Unit / Agency is needed to be established at different level to have successful execution and to take quick decisions for running the Project smoothly and transfer of assets to the concerned Department/Agencies for operation and maintenance after completion of the projects. This new system is adopted all over the States of our country by International Funding Agencies like ADB, World Bank etc. and now also adopted in the implementation of JNNURM.To implement NERCCDIP a consolidated State Investment Program Management and Implementation Unit (SIPMIU) is established in all 5-Project Cities of NE States. SIPMIU is a combination of Project Management Unit (PMU) and Project Implementation Unit (PIU) as indicated below (SIPMIU Organization Chart). All the Sub-project included in the Project is manned by Engineer on deputation from line Department (PHED, UD&PAD,Finance Deptt., DPAR etc.).

State Investment Project Management and Implementation Unit (SIPMIU):

Establish consolidated State Investment Project Management and Implementation Unit (SIPMIU) in all the 5- States in order to manage and execute the program/project successfully and timely completion and transfer projects/schemes to the concerned Department/Agencies in the State Governments for operation and maintenance after completion of the projects, to take full responsibilities and accountability in the implementation of the Projects. The SIPMIU is headed by a Program Director responsible for overall management and implementation, including program progress, monitoring at state level.

Preparing and forwarding subprojects for approval to SSC and MOUD, ensuring compliance with the design and monitoring framework and subproject selection criteria, loan covenants and urban reform targets, and coordinating with MOUD, ADB and other State agencies, selection of consultants and contractors, approval of the detailed designs of the subprojects, disbursement requests for ADB and forwarding the same to the MOUD for onward transmission to ADB, administering the contracts of consultants and contractors, certifying payments and preparing change orders, and implementing awareness programs, environment and resettlement plans.

The progress on institutional development and reforms action agenda committed by the Government is below table:

Sl/No Reforms Activity Achievement/Status
1 SG/ULB Reforms All reforms by the State completed. AMC created and functions on SWM, Building Byelaws, etc. transferred. Others functions are in progress with phases.
2 Migration to DEAS Achieved
3 Introduction of Property Tax Achieved
4 Utility Reforms and ring-fencing Model for re-structuring PHED submitted to the Government
5 Private Sector Participation (PSP) Draft Policy submitted to the Government and AMC
6 Reduction of NRW In progress
7 E-governance Achieved with minimum requirements


      • The State Investment Program Management and Implementation Unit (SIPMIU), UD&PA Department, Government of Mizoram is awarded “2011 Best Project Implementation Award” by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India and Asian Development bank in February, 2012.
      • The Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India issued in 2015, “Letter of Appreciation” to the Government of Mizoram in achieving implementation of Property Tax by adopting modest taxing method of Unit Area Method (UAM).
      • The SIPMIU, UD & PA Department, Government of Mizoram is also awarded “SKOCH SMART TECHNOLOGY AWARD, 2015” by SKOCH Group, India.



Organization chart